Trio TroubleI spoke too soon about my wardrobe choices and the weather didn't I?  I got very caught out on Wednesday's group walk in my shorts! Ah well, never mind, the gardens needed it (isn't that what they say?).

Again, the dogs never seem to mind what is happening with the weather as long as they can run around and have a good play with their friends.  Mind you, with  the very electric storms we had on Tuesday night, I'm sure there were a lot of very frightened pooches around.  Poor things.  I myself was scared enough as the lightening was so bright it seemed to light up the whole street. Wet Shorts

We have a shorter week this week as for the first time in a good 6 years, I am taking the day off on Friday to celebrate my birthday.  Kind of typical really, it's always nice weather at this time of year and I thought it would be lovely to take a picnic somewhere nice with the hounds (yes, a picnic and the hounds what am I thinking?!) and yet, look at the forecast for Friday!  Serves me right really, I should of just worked as normal.  Never mind, at least if nothing else, I can have a lie-in (but would someone please tell the hounds that!).  Their alarm goes off at 6am every morning regardless of what day of the week it is.  It starts with a dull whine from Miss Daisy Basset followed by a much deeper and more persistent whine from Mr've got to love the tri-colours!  Peach only joins in the whining because she thinks she should as the other 2 are!

On Saturday we celebrate yet another birthday at Furry Towers.  Our very own Mr Buddy-love is a massive 9 years old.  He still behaves like a puppy at times and I do love him for that.  He absolutely loves opening presents whether it's his birthday, someone else's or Christmas.  It's our fault, we started the tradition off by wrapping up a tasty treat for his first Christmas when he was just 5 months old and ever since then he associates any present wrapped up as something to eat.  This is the reason why we can never have any wrapped presents under the Christmas tree as he decided to rip open and start eating a CD case one year!

JehovahWhile out on my first walk with the Basset pack on Tuesday, some lovely ladies came over and were making a huge fuss of the gang.  Usual questions pursued......"are they all yours?" (if only!)........"how old are they all?"........"what are their names?" (run through each name in order of appearance).  Followed by "isn't it lovely to see them all in a group".........."you don't often see these anymore".  Anyway, they eventually say goodbye and as leaving me, one of the ladies' hands me a leaflet and I realise that they are Jehovah's Witnesses.  I don't want to get into any religious debates but I must admit to being very ignorant of all religions quite honestly.  Is it a case that if you're a Jehovah's Witness that you are targeted to recruit new people?  What happens if you don't meet that target? It does seem strange that they must canvass people to join.  Personally, I have no care what race or religion people are as long as they love dogs and these ladies certainly loved the Bassets.  Then I guess who couldn't love a Basset or 2 or 3 or 5?!!!

I'm sure you've heard of the Hollywood Walk of Fame?  Paw PrintsNow we have the Baskerville Walk of Blame!  Baskerville is the affectionate name that me and Mr Furry call our house for obvious reasons.  One of my birthday gifts 2 years ago was a kit to make an impression of your pet's paw print in a stepping stone to keep in the garden.  So of course, I had 2.......Buddy and Peach.  Well as Miss Daisy Basset became a permanent resident of Baskerville AKA Furry Towers last September, I have been trying since to see if I could get another kit.  Finally found one and her paw has been imprinted in stone alongside the other 2.  It makes me laugh how each one is so different in size and definition.  I guess it's a bit like our fingerprints?  So this now means that I have a record for future crime scenes................such as the kitchen bin raiders!  Whose paw prints are all over the scene?  My money is on a certain Mr Buddy-love who seems to have perfected the art of being able to open the kitchen bin with his paw when I'm not looking!  For such a large and clumsy hound, he is very ambidextrous and agile when he wants to be!

Bin RaidThose of you that know me outside of my Furry Dogmother role, will know that one of my hobbies is Standup Paddle Boarding.  I suppose living so close to the coast, it is kind of a given to have a water sport as a hobby?  Well, since I bought myself my own board last Summer, I've been trying to take as many opportunities as I can with the nice weather to get out on the water.  One of my ambitions was to get one of my Basset Hounds on the board with me.  I know, I must be clinically insane!  I've never seen someone with a full-size Basset Hound on a paddleboard so I just had to try and do it.  I was all set to go out on the sea on Wednesday night with Miss Daisy Basset who seems to be somewhat of a Water Babe.  I bought her a very fetching pink bone lifejacket but the Great British weather had other ideas and sadly the SUP with your PUP adventure had to be cancelled.  Never mind, I will succeed in my challenge at some point.  Watch this space as we will try again when the weather is a little calmer.  Daisy SwimShe loves the water and has shown an interest in my board by standing on it when I was cleaning it off the other day after a paddle.  Daisy PaddleWhether she shows the same enthusiasm when I'm standing on it in the water, will remain to be seen.

Talking of water, Mr Buddy-love is off for his regular hydrotherapy session on Thursday.  He has been having regular swims since he was a young puppy.  The reason we started was that he had some growth issues with his bones and muscles and I didn't want him to become arthritic and in pain as he got older.  He now goes for a swim regularly for maintenance and enjoyment rather than necessity but he does seem to love it.  Although I think he enjoys getting in the jacuzzi afterwards!  Seriously, swimming is such good exercise for dogs.  Especially for dogs in rehab or unable to walk long distances.  I'm assured that the time he spends in the hydro pool is equivalent to a 12-mile road walk although obviously less traumatic on his joints.  Whether it's 12 miles or not, he is always completely knackered when he gets back!

If you're at a loose end on Saturday, be sure to bring your pet along to the Jamie's Wish Fun Day being held at Linden Park in Littlehampton.  I'm judging the Pet Show!  Seriously worried, I mean how am I going to choose a winner?  The judging starts at 12.50pm but get there well before that as they have lots of other things going on to support this wonderful Charity.

Sunday sees us travelling to just outside Reading for the South of England Basset Hound Club's Annual Fun Day.  So again, we are praying the rain has done enough for one week and that it subsides for the weekend activities.

Whatever you're doing with your pooches at the weekend, be sure to have a good one.  Thank you as always for listening to my woofie waffling and for your continued support.

Much love

Sally & The Furry Hounds 


Monty gets his claws clipped regularly at home. Lovely lady always on time, very good with Monty, all over and done with in 10 mins. I highly recommend the Furry Dogmother
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Very helpful & great service cutting the nails of my 2 guinea pigs. will use again next time & highly recommend.
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Outstanding service, I am so pleased from the pick up and drop off service to the perfect groom. I actually can't stop smiling how gorgeous my little boy looks and smells. Thank you so much
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Bud Me Baby

How It All Began

You sometimes hear people say that a dog changed their life. It seems quite a dramatic statement but I now totally understand that because there is no doubt in my mind that Buddy-love did exactly that to me. If I didn’t have that dog, I would not be doing what I’m doing now. Some of my closest friends are people that I met because of him. I wanted to do something that didn’t mean leaving him at home all day or ironically having to rely on a Dog Walker so this is where the Furry Dogmother idea was born.

When the stars collided and a few months after getting this bundle of puppy in 2009 I was made redundant, it was meant to be. If that had happened a year or so earlier, I would most likely have gone into the same sort of job but Buddy-Love somehow gave me the strength to try something new and self-employment and setting up a business based around him and his needs. The rest as they say is history.

This is why my boy and his image will live on in the spirit of Furry Dogmother. Dogs are not our whole life but they make our lives whole.

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