Furry Pack HeverWell where to start about this week, it's been a little fraught for one reason or another and to be completely honest, I'm finding it hard to be positive about it at all.  Still it is almost over thankfully.

All I will say is that where a pack of dogs is involved, whether it is a pack of 2 or a pack of 8, their position in the pack is extremely important to them.  We as humans, have to be careful how we inadvertently behave or do small gestures which mean nothing to us but to dogs they mean a lot.  We totally forget that dogs communicate via body language as they cannot talk and they pick up on the smallest behaviour and, like us, they can sometimes misread signals.  This is why I love dogs, they teach us so much.

Anyway, enough of all that, let's put a positive on this week............we've had Polly the Wheaten Terrier join us Pollyon a couple of walks.  She is a lively one but has had a blast.  We've got her again for a couple next week while her owner recovers from a nasty fall.  We may have her again later on in the year if the owner's planned surgery goes ahead.

We have had some of our regular grooming visitors including a nearly 8 year old Cocker Spaniel.  I won't name him but if his owner is reading this, she'll know I'm talking about him and like me, she is always completely amazed how I manage to get him groomed! I've been grooming him since he was 6 months old every 6 weeks  but it's like he has ADHD and has taken a Speed overdose and dances around the table like Michael Flatley!  He has always been the same and doesn't seem to be getting any less hyper. Luckily his owner has him cut fairly short with no fancy bits but as I said, it's a miracle I manage to do anything!  Sometimes this job is a real challenge! Oakley I've also had Oakley who is a new breed to me, a Hungarian Puli.  Now their coat is normally corded but as Oakley is getting on a bit, his owner wants a low maintenance style to keep him tidy and comfortable.  Bless him, he was in a bit of a state but although this first haircut is quite severe, he will be much more comfortable and when I see him again in October we can start to work on more of a style. 

Our house guest Lily is going home this weekend and the Furry Pack will return to normal.  I'm continuing visits to Phoebe the cat and will commence twice daily visits to Esme the Siamese again so it's all busy, busy. 

I will also be spending my weekend making fancy dress outfits for the hounds in their upcoming Basset Hound Club Fun Day - all will be revealed!  Buddy Box

I've started my fundraising appeal for the Muddy Dog Challenge at the end of September and I would like to greatly thank all those who have very kindly donated so far.  I am overwhelmed and truly thankful for your generosity.  If I raise enough, I'm going to split it between Battersea Dogs Home and The Basset Rescue Network of Great Britain so that those more needy hounds can benefit.  Peach and I will begin our training so we're in peak condition!

Have you noticed I haven't mentioned the weather this week?  Well, frankly I'm not giving it air time!

Thank you for listening.  Have a lovely restful weekend.

Much love

Sally xx



Monty gets his claws clipped regularly at home. Lovely lady always on time, very good with Monty, all over and done with in 10 mins. I highly recommend the Furry Dogmother
Angela Cabrera
Angela Cabrera Client
Very helpful & great service cutting the nails of my 2 guinea pigs. will use again next time & highly recommend.
Rachel Hagger
Rachel Hagger Client
Outstanding service, I am so pleased from the pick up and drop off service to the perfect groom. I actually can't stop smiling how gorgeous my little boy looks and smells. Thank you so much
Lindsey Tunbridge-Adams
Lindsey Tunbridge-Adams Client

Bud Me Baby

How It All Began

You sometimes hear people say that a dog changed their life. It seems quite a dramatic statement but I now totally understand that because there is no doubt in my mind that Buddy-love did exactly that to me. If I didn’t have that dog, I would not be doing what I’m doing now. Some of my closest friends are people that I met because of him. I wanted to do something that didn’t mean leaving him at home all day or ironically having to rely on a Dog Walker so this is where the Furry Dogmother idea was born.

When the stars collided and a few months after getting this bundle of puppy in 2009 I was made redundant, it was meant to be. If that had happened a year or so earlier, I would most likely have gone into the same sort of job but Buddy-Love somehow gave me the strength to try something new and self-employment and setting up a business based around him and his needs. The rest as they say is history.

This is why my boy and his image will live on in the spirit of Furry Dogmother. Dogs are not our whole life but they make our lives whole.

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