Daisy ElfHello everyone! I haven't written a blog for a little while, as as the title of this one suggests, it is an extremely busy time of the year, and what we call in the Grooming World "crazy time". November and December are the most profitable but the most dreaded months of the year by Groomers. The time when you're trying to squeeze half a year's worth of appointments into two months. The worst is the calls from people whose dog you last groomed in February now calling to have Fluffy nice for Christmas and being disappointed and surprised when you can't fit them in for "just a bath", explaining that your loyal monthly and six weekly clients have booked up for Christmas week back in February knowing that you get really busy. Still this doesn't stop me from feeling bad saying no. It really isn't because I don't want to do their dog, it is a case of needing to actually have some time off and in fairness, have a life! Still, as I've said before, please don't think I'm moaning about being busy, I know I am extremely fortunate to be so much in demand. We have, however, had a few newbies to the grooming room (not quite sure how I've managed to fit those in but there you go!) and again for these, I am truly thankful (that's my little homage to Thanksgiving this week)!  Cole

On other issues, we have a new recruit to our Tuesday Hound gang in the form of Cole the Standard Dachshund. He was a little superstar and got along just fine. His Mum wasn't sure about him being in a cage in the back of the van as he is a rescue, so for his first trip he rode up front with me (obviously securely buckled in). However on the way home because he was a bit muddy, I popped him in the back in a crate on his own and he was absolutely fine. More likely because he could see the others in the back of the van with him. We look forward to seeing him again as a regular visitor on Tuesday mornings.

Chewie is still off walkies, and it has now been discovered he has some sort of autoimmune disease which means his body cannot fight infections. This is apparently going to flare up every now and then, and there is really nothing that can be done about it. We are wishing him well and hope to see him back in the gang again soon. He is sure going to need a haircut when he comes back too as it is now well overdue! Lally is still absent too but never far from our thoughts and again, we hope to see her back in the fold again soon.

Monday SnoozeThe Furry Hounds have a busy social calendar coming up. They went on a Basset Club walk last weekend in Ashdown Forest, next weekend they are going on a Basset Rescue walk in Tilgate Forest and the weekend after they are having one of their favourite Doggy Aunties coming over for the evening as Mr Furry and I are off to a Christmas party. Some days I am truly envious of those three hounds of mine, their life is so much simpler compared to mine! This was them at 10am on Monday morning .............while I was busy grooming a dog, I popped my head around the door to see what was going on. In our house, when it's too quiet your suspicions are aroused, but fortunately they were all fast asleep. I wouldn't mind but they'd only been awake since 6am, had been snoozing until 8am, went to the park and then slept through until lunchtime walk......you see, the simple life! Stanley Kitten

This week I've also been paying visits to Stanley the kitten (yes how the heck I'm managing to fit two visits in every day is a wonder?). He really is a little sweetheart and makes me realise how much I miss having a little cat of my own. Still at least I manage to get my cat fix by looking after other people's every now and then.

I really feel as though Christmas has sneaked up on me again this year. Yes I know it's the same date every year but for some reason, this year feels like it's gone faster than ever. I feel in a permanent rush dashing from one place to the next, flitting from one project to another, I almost feel dizzy sometimes looking at my diary. Still in 6 weeks time it will all be over..............I know! Scary eh?

We have, as I said, had quite a few newbie grooming visitors and a couple more to come in the next few weeks. We now have absolutely no more space until well into the new year. As indeed the most famous of stories goes, and aptly relevant to the time of year,.......there is no more room at the Inn!

Basset Tree DecsThere's been more Basset paraphernalia arrive at Furry Towers in the last few weeks. These wonderful personalised Christmas tree decorations which I can't wait to adorn our tree with. Plus this rather smart looking cushion. Now some of you know that I have a particular weakness for Basset Hounds and cushions so indeed this satisfies both of those fetishes!

Basset CushionIt's actually quite amazing just how I am automatically drawn to the soft furnishings departments in most stores and I simply can't stop myself from admiring the cushions. When there's a picture of a dog and best of all a Basset, it's a win win. 

So for now, I will leave you as I flit off to make/sew bandanas, make dog treats, make Christmas tree decorations, write Christmas cards or all of the above. Well......sleep?.....who needs sleep????

Enjoy your weekend with your furries.

Much love

Sally xx

Monty gets his claws clipped regularly at home. Lovely lady always on time, very good with Monty, all over and done with in 10 mins. I highly recommend the Furry Dogmother
Angela Cabrera
Angela Cabrera Client
Very helpful & great service cutting the nails of my 2 guinea pigs. will use again next time & highly recommend.
Rachel Hagger
Rachel Hagger Client
Outstanding service, I am so pleased from the pick up and drop off service to the perfect groom. I actually can't stop smiling how gorgeous my little boy looks and smells. Thank you so much
Lindsey Tunbridge-Adams
Lindsey Tunbridge-Adams Client

Bud Me Baby

How It All Began

You sometimes hear people say that a dog changed their life. It seems quite a dramatic statement but I now totally understand that because there is no doubt in my mind that Buddy-love did exactly that to me. If I didn’t have that dog, I would not be doing what I’m doing now. Some of my closest friends are people that I met because of him. I wanted to do something that didn’t mean leaving him at home all day or ironically having to rely on a Dog Walker so this is where the Furry Dogmother idea was born.

When the stars collided and a few months after getting this bundle of puppy in 2009 I was made redundant, it was meant to be. If that had happened a year or so earlier, I would most likely have gone into the same sort of job but Buddy-Love somehow gave me the strength to try something new and self-employment and setting up a business based around him and his needs. The rest as they say is history.

This is why my boy and his image will live on in the spirit of Furry Dogmother. Dogs are not our whole life but they make our lives whole.

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