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Life's A Beach

This blog is a little teeny bit of a rant. I must admit to hating this time of the year......1st May in particular a day I hate. Yes, the warmer dryer weather has arrived but along with the seasonal dog ban on the beach which to me, is as much of an annoyance as seasonal hay...

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Soggy Bottoms

I haven’t blogged for a while so this may be an epic one as I try to update you on everything that’s been going on! Firstly lets talk about the weather because well being British, we love it don’t we? I cannot believe how much rain we’ve had and it only amazed me when last...

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What's A Day In Dog Time?

So it came, the result I'd feared, cancer.......and it's angry cancer. Why? Why my dog? Why now? Why him? I've been through a range of different emotions since that awful phone call from the Vets. Shock, upset, anger but the worst was wanting something or someone (namely myself) to...

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A Dog Is For Life..........But How Long Is Life?

This is a tough blog to write as I'm in a very reflective mood. In my previous blog I was busy moaning how the year had got off to a bad start. Whingeing about a lost phone and a punctured tyre. Now those things seem to pale off into insignificance with what's happened since then. A...

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First Blog For Year Of The Dog

Well my high hopes for 2018 haven't got off to the best start but I'll continue to wish you all a happy new year. Firstly my six month old phone has gone to a watery grave somewhere out towards France, my two year old blaster has blown up, I've contracted a stinking rotten cold and...

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