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Year of the Dog 2Well my high hopes for 2018 haven't got off to the best start but I'll continue to wish you all a happy new year. Firstly my six month old phone has gone to a watery grave somewhere out towards France, my two year old blaster has blown up, I've contracted a stinking rotten cold and now I've discovered one of my van tyres has a slow puncture. So Year Of The Dog pull yourself together, stop behaving like a flea ridden mongrel street dog and start behaving like a Crufts contender!

My mantra for the last week has been "there's always somebody worse off than you" but seriously, whoever is sticking pins in my effargy please stop!

I have replaced my phone (you don't want to know how many dogs I need to groom to pay that off!), my blaster has been fixed, my cold is on its way out and I'll sort my tyre out sometime this week so, we'll call it a temporary glitch. As I've completely lost most of my contact details I'm working a little blind so if you text me, please make sure you add your name so I know who it is.

On the plus side, my little bijoux salon has had a makeover over the Christmas holidays thanks to Mr Furry and I'm very pleased with it. I've never had the largest working space but, I like to think I'm making the most of what I have. I'm considering a major upgrade of my table to a fancy light up one (that was before I had to replace my phone, blaster and a new tyre!).

I do now have a fancy set of veterinary scales so, if your poochies are looking podgy and need to fight the new year flab, please ask me and I'd be happy to weigh them for you.  Obese Dog 300 1024x1024

We've started the new year off as we ended the old one, busy, busy, busy which is fabulous. A few newbies booked in for grooming and most of our regular walkers are back including the little man Doug who, apart from a bald patch of fur, is no different to how he was before his incident. I'm sure he'll have a nice scar to talk about and show off at dinner parties!

Joules JumperI was completely overwhelmed by everyone's generosity at Christmas and I'm working my way through the pile of biscuits, chocolates, wine and Prosecco! I never go on a diet because I hate them but, fortunately, I do have some willpower and can limit the naughty things I eat. A little treat now and then doesn't hurt! For those that were very kind and gave me cash, I invested it in this lovely Joules Basset Hound jumper and a pair of Hush Puppy boots......can you see the theme here? Needless to say this is one shoe box I shall not be throwing away!  Hush Puppies

So as the days are ever so gradually lengthening, we're looking forward to some dryer and warmer weather (hopefully). I spotted signs of my Daffodil bulbs poking through in the garden and this really made me feel a lot better. Spring will soon be here!

Tabby 2I'm cat sitting for three different families this week! Unusual to be so busy with that in January but I suspect that it's because people are desperate for some sunshine and warmth as our Winter seems to be lasting an eternity.

I'm still formulating some new services to offer so watch this space for news.

That's just about it for now, as always thanks for listening to my ramblings.

Much love

Sally xx

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