Loosening The Lockdown Collar

Not Another Bath!

Well hello to all my followers, its been a very long time since I last blogged, so I will try not to make this one too epic!
I'm not really too sure where to start…..since my last blog, we were beginning the lockdown which correct me if I'm wrong, seems a lifetime ago. I can't believe the nights are already drawing in and we are nearing the end of the Summer. Kids going back to school this week which I must admit, me and the dogs are over the moon about because it means we can get back to the beaches and all the popular places we have had to avoid since they've been off school for the last 6 months!

We are all gradually adjusting to our new way of life and I'm truly thankful that my business has managed to survive the storm. Sadly, there are a few local pet businesses I know who have not been so fortunate. Who would have thought on New Year's Eve 2019 we would be facing what we have? The casualties of this virus are not just the people who sadly died from it I'm afraid.

Talking of casualties, I am genuinely concerned about the number of new puppies I have seen people acquire during the lockdown period. Let's hope that when these people all go back to work, they realise they are going to need to work with these dogs to help them adjust to their new daily routine. Unfortunately, I fear rehoming centres and rescues are going to be inundated with now "unwanted" puppies. So incredibly sad that we continue to treat dogs as a commodity rather than a living creature. I've said it before that getting a dog is a huge life changing commitment and shouldn't be done on a whim like buying a new pair of shoes.

So business is pretty much back to normal, but I have tried to scale down a touch. I am trying not to groom as many dogs in a day as I did pre-lockdown. Its been tricky because obviously, I've needed to try and fit everybody in. I have sadly had to restrict the size of dogs that I groom too as my niggly shoulder is still giving me some jip especially trying to lift and manoeuvre the big ones. I can just about manage my own Bassets but even with those, it's a struggle. Oh, the joys of getting old! 

​ Mr Furry had worked so hard giving up every weekend at the beginning of the year to renovate my little grooming room and it was finally finished just at the start of lockdown! Oh, the irony! So, I couldn't use it once it had been finished. Saying that, I think the Hounds were the cleanest they've ever been during March and April! Below is a little video of it all finished in case you didn't see it on my social media pages, or You Tube channel.

Friends Reunited
We want to complain to the management!

​ The Hounds were ecstatic to get back to their usual group walks at the end of May, they'd missed all their doggy friends over the couple of months we were only allowed one walk per day. Even Buddy missed it……..you can see from the picture, the faces! I swear they were saying "ermmm we've only had one walk; we would like to complain to the management!". We all know that keeping dogs active and having regular exercise and stimulation is not only good for their physical health but their mental health too. Hence, the need for Dog Walkers like myself.

 I'd like to say that during the "downtime" of lockdown, I was working on my online shop and website (my Website Guru man is holding his head in his hands!). Sadly, I was not. Instead I was like a lot of other people, becoming extremely crafty. I dusted off my sewing machine that has been sat in its box for the last couple of years and started a close relationship with it. So, as well as the customary face masks which have now become the latest fashion accessory, I have been making bandanas, cushions, bags and collars. Don't get me wrong, these are all pretty amateur basic sewing projects so I won't be appearing on The Great British Sewing Bee anytime soon but, I'm still pretty pleased with them.

I did do a lot of baking again, like many others and happily not just dog treats, human treats too! I'm very keen since getting back to normal, not to let these things slip away again and am making time for my newfound hobbies alongside working. 

Last month, Buddy-Love celebrated his 12th Birthday which those of you that follow us will know is quite monumentous considering his cancer diagnosis back in February 2018. At that stage, we were not too sure he was going to make his 10th Birthday so to still have him here, I feel truly blessed.

Having said that, with the extreme temperatures we have had over the last month, he has been really struggling. Last week in particular I was hugely worried about him and really thought this was it, I was going to have to face up to that awful decision. However, I had run out of his CBD oil and literally as soon as I gave him some, he completely changed. I shouldn't be that amazed really but it is clearly doing something! Long may it continue! 

Talking of the weather, we have really had the most glorious of Summer and really can't complain about the amount of sunshine we have had this year. However, the extreme temperatures have meant some adjusting to our usual walking routines. Thank you to my lovely Walking clients for being patient with me changing walks at last minute but I'm sure you do realise; I only have the dogs' best interests at heart.

I am planning on working on updating the website and have my trusty Web Guru Man on the case! So, watch this space for the new look site.

I've been extremely busy with ultrasonic teeth cleaning over the last couple of months with a steady influx of new doggies needing a smile freshen up. Its great to see good results without the need for putting the dog under anaesthetic especially as most of the dogs I have seen recently are senior dogs. This is something I will be including on the new look website so keep an eye on it.

I'm hoping to be able to go on our planned holiday to Norfolk at the end of the month, as we missed out going to Devon back in May because of the lockdown. Fingers crossed, we get away, a change of scenery will do us good.

For now, we carry on with business as usual (or as usual as it can be). I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my clients for adapting to and embracing the necessary changes I've had to make in order to carry on with business in terms of dropping off and collecting dogs, paying by BACS etc, etc. It is very much appreciated and important to keep us all safe.

Onwards and upwards as they say, keep calm and carry on! Thank you as always for listening to me and your continued support and loyalty of my business, it means the World.

Take care and stay safe.

Much love

Sally xx

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