Oh Come All Ye Furry

Well as this will be my last blog of this year (I can't quite believe I'm saying that!) it is one of reflection. It has been quite a year in one way or another, certainly a rollercoaster of emotions and highs and lows. Sadly, a lot more lows than highs. However, as we veer towards the end of it, I will not put too much emphasis on the new year coming in and merely accept that sometimes in life, things happen regardless of what year it is (see I told you it was reflective!). I also must realise that coming into my 10th year in business, doggies that I have had since the start, if they haven't already passed, they are entering their twilight years and as I have said before, they just simply do not live long enough and the sad day will come when I have to say goodbye. That said, each time it happens, it never gets any easier. I treat each and every dog like one of my own so when they go, it's like losing one of mine each time and the heartache is just so painful.

Since my last blog life has been a bit of a blur as we entered what's commonly known in the Dog Groomer's world as "silly season". Squeezing in just one more dog in the weeks leading up to Christmas meant severe bouts of tiredness, achiness, hunger, dehydration, insomnia and general exhaustion. Thank goodness, a couple of years ago, I decided to take the week off between Christmas and New Year to give my body a chance to recover and have a bit of a rest before getting back to it again in January. Sadly, my body and immune system, as always typical, decided to reward my time off work by giving me the most horrendous sore throat, hacking cough and sniffly cold. I've had it for almost a week now and I'm just hoping I'm going to start feeling well again by the time 2019 arrives! Thank you Mother Nature! I think there's a lesson to be learnt there – maybe I should have just carried on working?

I had lots to catch up on over the break including updating my website, working on my Behaviour Diploma assignments (which have sadly taken a back seat the last few months), setting up my online shop in amongst entertaining my family, exercising the Hounds, cleaning out the van, deep cleaning my grooming salon and so it goes on. Hardly a rest, is it?! I of course haven't done hardly any of these because I've been feeling just too poorly.

You'll likely to have seen from my Social Media posts the number of gifts that me and the Hounds received from our wonderful clients. I am truly grateful as always to all you for your amazing generosity and kindness not just at Christmas but throughout the year. Without you all and your doggies, I wouldn't be here so for that, I am very thankful. As always, I am blown away by the extremely thoughtful and kind gifts, I really do appreciate it.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your continued support for my business. If you're even just reading or sharing this blog, that's support and I thank you.

The Hounds really do love Christmas. I think it is a combination of the fact that they have both me and Mr Furry's almost undivided attention, they have lots of visitors especially little visitors who they absolutely love, they always get a roast dinner or two with the leftover turkey and trimmings, weather dependent we try to find some new and interesting walks for them so, all in all, not a bad life for a Hound in our house over the festive season? You may remember my Facebook post the other day about the mysterious disappearing Christmas tree decoration?............I am still absolutely none the wiser as to where it has disappeared to. I was left with just the ribbon it was hanging from on the tree but the decoration itself has completely vanished without a trace. The only plausible explanation is that it has fallen onto the floor and one of the Hounds has picked it up and either eaten it or buried it. Who knows? I have searched high and low and there is simply no trace. If I do find it when I dismantle the decorations I will let you know! It is like a good old fashioned game of Cluedo……was it Daisy-Duke with her long ear swiping the tree, knocking it off and she's buried it in the garden? Or was it Buddy-Love with his waggy tail, knocking it off the tree and he's eaten it in its entirety? Or was it Peachy-Pie with her big paws, did she find it under the tree, think it was a ball and has taken it and put it in her toy box with all her others? It certainly is a Christmas Conundrum maybe a case for Hercule Poirot??

So being our 10th year in business, 2019 is going to be a good one. Lots of things planned. I love a good change now and again, you know what they say, change is as good as a rest. The key fundamentals of my business of grooming and walking will continue; however, I have no space to accept any more new grooming clients next year so have a waiting list for spaces. I have a couple of spaces on the regular group lunchtime walks although we may have a new chap joining our groups on a Tuesday depending how he goes on his trial in early January. Lucy will still be available to accept new bookings for cat sitting, one to one or small group dog walking within the Worthing area.

I've put together a little montage below to honour some of those that we've lost this year. As upsetting as it is, let's rejoice in the wonderful life that they had while they were with us. Even if it was for a short time. So, to all those furries who are waiting at Rainbow Bridge, I will raise my glass to you and to all of you out there to wish you a very happy and healthy new year.

Much love

Sally xx

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