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I want his life! Buddy-Love is a little too large for this chair but he makes it his own!

Hello all my lovely followers. As we hurtle uncontrollably towards the end of the year, I'm in a somewhat reflective mood. It wasn't that long ago that I didn't believe what I considered "old" people saying that time goes much faster when you get older. However, as I find myself remembering events that have happened and think, well that was only last year, only to realise it was in fact three years ago, it has made me realise that time is going faster and faster. How can another year have just disappeared? 

I know I am obsessed with the weather but I do blame it for this. Although it is starting to chill down a bit now, it has been a very mild and a very soggy Autumn. It doesn't feel like there is only a few weeks of another year left. As a kid, I remember Bonfire Night being wrapped up in a big coat, hat, scarf and gloves and as the weather got colder, it seemed Christmas was closer. It just doesn't feel like that anymore.

Anyway, on that cheery thought, my grooming diary is absolutely rammed now for the rest of the year and indeed most of January, I have one or two gaps left towards the end of November/beginning of December but that's it. Not that I'm complaining! I consider myself extremely fortunate to be in a position to turn customers away. However, if you want a clean dog for Christmas, book now to avoid disappointment.


​I have to tell you an little story and am interested in your thoughts. The other morning I was walking the hounds along the seafront at Ferring and we bumped into a lady with two elderly dogs. One of the dogs looked in good spirits and the lady advised me the dog was 15. We passed pleasantries about how wonderful it was to have a dog to live to such a great age. Of course, being a smaller dog, it is more feasible. The lady then went on to say that she believed the reason for the longevity of the dog was its diet. She said "well you see my dogs are Vegan so they have much more energy than any other dogs". I was a little taken aback I won't lie. I know the rise of the veganism amongst humans has spiralled in the last couple of years but………….vegan dogs? I must admit I did a few years ago, have a client who was vegetarian and her dogs were veggie purely because she couldn't stand handling meat. Fair enough I suppose, but do we really have the right to go against the instinct of our dogs and turn them into Vegans? My worry as always is that the dog's diet isn't properly balanced and they miss out on essential elements of their diet like protein. So, is there such a thing as a "packaged" Vegan diet for dogs or have I just stumbled across yet another idea to put in front of Dragons Den? I didn't ask the lady concerned whether she fed a DIY Vegan diet (I imagine she did) as I don't recall seeing any Vegan manufactured dog food but maybe I'm wrong? I know having attended a Groomers Market this last weekend, the desire for more sustainable products and indeed all vegan products is rife. I have in fact bought some vegan-friendly dog colognes! Which while I mention it, I'll be trialling and if they are liked, I will stock for sale. Anyway, your thoughts...….vegan dogs?

Daisy really suits a pair of reading glasses don't you agree?

This links me nicely onto my next subject and again is one that I had never considered but if you found yourself in the situation, it would become more apparent. I received an email from a company that promote a Doggy Blood Bank. So, in effect dogs who are blood donors. Of course, it stands to reason when you think about it, if you dog requires major surgery the same as with humans, where does the blood come from?

What would you do if your dog became ill and needed a blood transfusion? Where would that dog blood come from?

The answer is that dogs can give blood just like humans!

Blood banks for dogs is one of the biggest unknowns in dog health yet it is one of the most important because donated dog blood may be required in cases involving surgery, trauma, and disease.

But how is it so? Fortunately, the team at the Pet Blood Bank Charity work tirelessly to make it all possible.

They have teams up and down the country that organise donation days to collect dog blood and ensure it is distributed to vets when needed.

To understand more on the what, why, when, where and how (and whether your dog could be a donor) of this phenomenal gift of life, read the infographic below.

Special thanks to the Doggy Dream Team who produced the image below in conjunction with the Pet Blood Bank.

Definitely worth thinking about don't you agree?

For now that's just about it. I probably won't produce another blog until nearer the big C so think of me up to my ears in dog shampoo – literally! Until next time…… thank you for following.

Much love

Sally xx

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