The Hardest Goodbye

It's been just over a week and we are all still trying to deal with the process of grief.  I still can't believe he is gone. I swear I still hear him whining or snoring around the house, it just feels so quiet and empty without him. People say "oh but at least you have 2 other dogs at home" and although that is true, it somehow makes it worse because I'm having to deal with their grief too. I can't explain to them why he's not here, why we didn't bring him home from the vets, why he's not at the door waiting to greet them when they've been out. So dogs can't have the same feelings or...

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Loosening The Lockdown Collar

Well hello to all my followers, its been a very long time since I last blogged, so I will try not to make this one too epic! I'm not really too sure where to start…..since my last blog, we were beginning the lockdown which correct me if I'm wrong, seems a lifetime ago. I can't believe the nights are already drawing in and we are nearing the end of the Summer. Kids going back to school this week which I must admit, me and the dogs are over the moon about because it means we can get back to the beaches and all the popular places we have had to avoid since they've been off school for the last 6 m...

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Lockdown Doggies: Separation Anxiety

So here we find ourselves in this most awful situation of being confined to our homes for weeks ahead. I'm struggling with it as I'm sure a lot of you are, I am always out and am a social butterfly but right now I feel like I've had my wings clipped. I am seriously concerned about our dogs wellbeing too. Yes we can joke that they're all elated because suddenly everyone is at home with them all the time but, my concern is that when this is all over in the coming months, how hard is it going to be for our dogs to get back to their normal routines?. That is what this blog is about, the possible r...

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Moody Blues & Muddy Shoes

So here we are and poof!... just like that the first month of the new year has disappeared. A very belated welcome to the year of the rat! Much like the Chinese, I'm celebrating new year late however unlike the Chinese I do not have a virus! Seriously, there is always something isn't there? So now we have left the EU but will things really change? Fundamentally day to day, I doubt we are going to notice anything different straight away. It still rains, dogs still need walking, dogs' fur still grows and needs cutting so, the World will still spin. I'm really struggling with the seasonal mood at...

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Please Stop I Wanna Get Off!

      Hello all my lovely followers. As we hurtle uncontrollably towards the end of the year, I'm in a somewhat reflective mood. It wasn't that long ago that I didn't believe what I considered "old" people saying that time goes much faster when you get older. However, as I find myself remembering events that have happened and think, well that was only last year, only to realise it was in fact three years ago, it has made me realise that time is going faster and faster. How can another year have just disappeared?  I know I am obsessed with the weather but...

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