The Nights Are Drawing In

Bud FeteA shorter working week but why does it feel longer and harder than normal?  I suspect because we try to squeeze in 5 days of work into 4.  The last Bank Holiday until Christmas and what a scorcher it was?  Totally unheard of in this country, normally it decides to pour with rain.  We headed off to Firle Village Fete with some friends of ours and our Bassets.  5 Basset Hounds, all of them different and quite a sight for the Villagers who wanted to either fuss the dogs, have a photo or ask questions about them.  Fete

Firle Village is lovely and the Fete was well attended, again, I suspect the weather helped.  My friend likened it to The Vicar of Dibley and it was really like that.  We didn't have Reg Dwight opening the Fete but I did find out later that the local Vicar has presented a TV series on ITV recently!  My other friend kept reciting the line from The Vicar of Dibley Fete episode "no,no,no,no,no,no parking in the car park", much to our amusement!  The Vicar was certainly a character to rival Geraldine, standing there in his dog collar and cowboy boots and orchestrating the crowd to break into singing "how much is that doggie in the window" as we walked into the ring for the start of the Fun Dog Show.  This day had all the ingredients to make a great day out......sunshine, a dog show, picnics, funny games like welly throwing and catch the rat, sheep racing, terrier racing and best of all home made cakes (although thankfully not lemon curd and marmite!).  Mr Furry bought us a slice of lemon drizzle cake and it was what can only be described as epic.  It was a huge slice and I struggled to eat it all but I had 5 sets of Basset eyes on me while I ate it praying that I couldn't finish it all! I bought a lovely pot of flowers from the Vicar's Rectory which had an honesty box lovely that in this quaint little village they can trust all passers by not to steal either the box of money or the produce.  A good old fashioned quintessentially English Village Fete.   Fete Flowers

Back to work Tuesday and this week has seen most of our regular walkers back with Walter returning from his Summer holidays.  I've been checking in on Freddie the Tortoise daily and on Wednesday, I discovered how well camouflaged he could be when I was foraging through the shrubbery in the pouring rain trying to find his favourite hiding place!

Grooming is busier than ever as I try to fit everybody in before my annual holiday and as the schools go back next week, I have no doubt that everyone's attention will turn back to their poochies and thoughts of keeping coats maintained for the upcoming Autumn and Winter will be on their minds.

BeachI for one will be glad to see the schools go back as it will mean we can go back to the beach.  It has been strictly off limits for the last 6 weeks although we did go down on Wednesday and as it was raining, funnily enough it was empty!  A vast contrast to Tuesday's blazing sun and it was absolute bedlam down there.

The mornings are becoming darker and a bit chillier as that Autumnal feel is upon us.  It is also sad to see the nights drawing in and we're lucky if it's still light at 8pm.  We are on a downward slide to the clocks going back and what seems like 3 months of darkness.  So get out in the sunlight whenever you can now and boost those seratonin levels!

Buddy-love Basset has been for his regular hydrotherapy swim this week.  I think he enjoys the jacuzzi after much more than the swimming.............such a spoilt hound!BudSpa

This weekend the Furry Dog Mobile is in for it's annual MOT so keep all your paws crossed that all is well as we could do without any problems with that.  On Sunday we are hoping to join a fellow Professional Dog Walker on a social celebratory walk for her achieving 10 years in mean feat.

Whatever you're up to this weekend, enjoy yourselves and your furries.  Until next time..............

Much love

Sally xx




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