Here are some of the more commonly asked questions. if you don't see the answer you are looking for please feel free to contact me using our online contact form

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My dog has bad joints/arthritis, how do I know he will be cared for?

I have a lot of experience with this from my own dogs, but also as part of my grooming training, I have been trained fully in how to handle elderly, arthritic and infirm dogs.  I can therefore assure you that I will never over exert or pull around a dog with joint problems.  I also have a special dog ramp for my vehicle to allow the dog to get in and out in comfort, without having to jump.  I can also use this ramp for the grooming table and bath however I have a fully electric grooming table which lowers to floor level.

How will you gain access to my property?

I ask that you provide me with a spare key and a note of any burglar alarm codes.  I will keep the keys to your property in a safe locked place and never keep a note of your address with the keys.  Please see my terms and conditions for further details.  For your peace of mind, I have been police checked and I hold enhanced CRB disclosure.  I will of course return the keys to you on termination of my services or the end of the contract for pet-feeding.

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept cash, debit and credit cards or direct bank transfer (for regular clients).   I request full payment in advance for dog walking and pet feeding, and upon completion of the grooming, pet taxi or microchipping service.

Will you come and meet my pets before booking services?

Yes.  All dog walking and pet feeding requests require an initial consultation and I will come and visit your animals in their home environment.  I can then assess each individual pet’s needs, and more importantly I will not be a stranger to your pets.

Is there a contract to sign?

Not as such, but I do ask each owner to sign a copy of my Terms and Conditions before any services commence.  A requirement of my insurance company is that a disclaimer and these terms and conditions is signed by each of my customers.  I will not walk dogs off lead unless owners have given me their express consent do so and the dog has a strong recall command. 

I am sick and at home and now do not require a visit from The Furry Dogmother to walk my dog or feed my pet.  How much notice do I have to give to cancel?

Wherever possible, I would require a minimum 24 hours notice to cancel any service.  This is because I book my diary in at least 1 week ahead.  For cancellations of less than 24 hours notice, the full cost of the service is required.

 My pet requires regular medication with meals, are you happy to provide this?

Yes.  I will follow all instructions given by the owners with regards to administering any medicines to animals.

 What if The Furry Dogmother is sick or is unable to provide the service I have requested?

In extreme circumstances when I am unable to get to you or provide the service you have requested, I will give you as much notice as possible but at least 24 hours.  However, wherever possible I will honour the agreement of the service requested.  I reserve the right to not walk a dog in severe weather conditions if I feel it is unsafe or inappropriate for the dog’s well-being and will advise the owner accordingly.  I can in these circumstances if possible, provide stimulation training at the dog’s home.

Do you provide day-care or boarding for dogs?

At this moment in time, I am not able to provide day-care or boarding for dogs.  However, this may be something I look to do in the future. At present, I provide pet-feeding and puppy care in the owners homes.  I can recommend some dog-sitters or crèche facilities for dogs in the local area if required so please contact me if you require any details.

 Do you provide services 7 days a week?

For most services yes.  Here is a schedule of the appointment times available:-

Grooming :  Morning or afternoon appointments available Monday to Friday and occasional Saturday mornings.

Walking & Puppy Care:  Morning, afternoon, evening appointments available Monday to Saturday at normal rates, Sundays and Bank Holidays incur a small additional charge.

Cat Feeding & Small Animal Care:  Morning and evening appointments 7 days per week.  Bank Holidays incur a small additional charge.

I have booked you to feed my rabbits/guinea pigs while I am away but as I am away for a fortnight, will you clean out their hutches for me too?

I am happy to provide this extra service as many times as you require but there will be an additional charge of £6. Please discuss this with me at the time of booking.

I live outside of the areas that you cover, can you still provide services?

Possibly, but there will be an additional charge depending on your location to cover the extra cost of fuel and my time travelling and it also depends what else I have in my diary.  Please contact me to discuss.

I am elderly and house-bound, can you help me with my pets?

Yes of course.  This is one of the very reasons I have set-up this business. Please contact me for a discussion about the services you require.

I require a service for my pet(s) which you have not listed.  Can you help?

Please contact me with your requirements as if there is a service that you require that I am currently unable to provide, with my experience and contacts, there is probably somebody in the area that I know that may be able to help you.

Dog Walking

I only require occasional walks for my dog, not every week or every day, can you help?

Yes. I am happy to provide services as and when you require assuming I have diary availability.  I recommend that you give me as much notice as possible, but at least 24 hours notice.

My dog can be aggressive with other dogs or people and he has to wear a muzzle, can you still walk him?

Yes although this will obviously require a solo walk rather than in the group.  This will of course mean additional costs and will depend on my diary availability. 

What if something happens to my dog on a walk such as it is injured or runs away.

I am fully insured with Cliverton Insurance for liability.  However, I cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury to a pet whilst it is in my care.  It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure their pet is adequately insured to cover any emergency treatment.  I will do my utmost to care for your dog in an emergency medical situation while out.  I always carry a first aid kit and can apply basic first aid techniques.  Failing that, I will contact you and accompany the animal to your vet immediately.  If your own vet is not available, I reserve the right to take the animal to an alternative vet.  Any costs incurred at the vets are to be paid by the owner to The Furry Dogmother (see Terms & Conditions).

Where do you walk the dogs?

I like to vary where I go, but include the beach, the South Downs, local parks and recreation grounds.


My dog is a short haired breed, he doesn’t require regular grooming does he?

This a very common myth and I was guilty of this myself with my own dog before I started grooming.  In fact most short haired breeds shed more than any others.  These dogs can benefit from regular grooming (every month or 6 weeks) especially as I include a de-shedding treatment for all these breeds which reduces hair drop in your home considerably.  It is a nice experience for any breed of dog to be regularly groomed plus your home will smell much sweeter!  After all you would not consider not having a shower for a year would you? 

I have 2 dogs that require grooming, can you do them both at the same time?

As I have described in my grooming service page, I prefer to groom only 1 dog at a time so that I can dedicate myself to that dog.  I am happy to do 2 dogs from the same household if easier for the owner and depending on the size of the dogs (as space is limited). 

My dog is a pet and not a show dog and therefore does not require the standard grooming lines.  Will you groom the dog in the way I request or as per the show books?

I will groom your dog however you prefer it done and am always guided by owners.  Most owners require low maintenance grooms for their dogs but I always have a consultation before each groom with the owner.

Can you come and groom my dog in my own home?

The answer to this is no.  I have a dedicated salon set-up and prefer to groom dogs within that environment.  I have found that dogs are more relaxed here than in their own home with their owner around.  If you would prefer someone to visit your home, I know other Groomers who do offer this service, so please contact me for their details.  However for nail clipping and ear cleaning, I visit you at home.

Will you provide feedback to me after my dog has been groomed on home-grooming?

Yes.  I provide all my grooming clients with advice for home-grooming.  There may be some products that I would recommend buying to help with this.  I will also feedback to owners about the dogs behaviour during grooming and advise techniques that could help at home.

Do you sell any grooming products?

Yes I have a few of the products that I use for grooming available to purchase.  If I haven't got something available to buy, I am happy to either order it on your behalf or advise the best place to purchase. 

Should I provide any treats for my dog when he’s being groomed and why do you need them?

If your dog is motivated by treats, then it is always a good idea if you provide me with his favourite treats or a high value treat (such as small pieces of cheese) for me to use during grooming.  I do have my own treats to reward each dog after grooming but if you would prefer to use your own, that's fine.

Would there be an occasion were it was not possible for you to groom my dog?

There are sometimes rare occasions where I will be unable to groom a dog.  This is normally if the dog is too aggressive or I feel the dog is too stressed or anxious and it is not in the dog’s well-being for the groom to continue.  If this happens, I will telephone the owner and advise immediately.  There may also be occasions where dogs or cats are not compliant when having their nails trimmed.  Again, I will contact the owner and may well advise the animal is taken to a vet to be sedated while the nails are clipped.  If I am unable to continue to groom a dog, the owner will pay for any work completed up to the point I have had to stop.


From April 2016, it became UK Law for all dogs to be microchipped so if your dog isn't already chipped, give me a call now!

Remember that if you are planning to take your dog abroad with you, you must have them Microchipped to comply with the regulations of the Pet Travel Scheme outlined by DEFRA. 

Why Microchip my pet?

It is a sad fact that every year thousands of pets are reported lost or stolen in the UK.  By having a microchip implanted in your pet, you will increase the likelihood of a speedy reunification.

What is a Microchip?

It is a tiny glass capsule the size of a grain or rice containing a unique number linking you to your pet.

How long does it take to Microchip my pet?

Just a couple of minutes!  Your pet is protected for life within a few moments just as long as it takes to complete the necessary paperwork.

How does it work?

Should your pet become lost, any Vet, Rescue Centre or Dog Warden will use a small hand-held scanner to detect the Microchip.  The unique reference number will be displayed and after a quick telephone call to PETtrac (the national central database where owners details are held), they will be able to confirm the owners contact details and you will be reunited with your beloved pet.

Where is the Microchip inserted?

Just below the skin between the shoulder blades.

Does Microchipping hurt my pet?

The Microchipping process is relatively painless for the animal (depending on its size).  However, it is a large surgical needle that needs to be inserted into the animal’s skin, so it is not unusual for the animal to jump or yelp upon insertion.

Can the Microchip move?

It is important not to over-manipulate or pet the animal in the area where the Microchip has been inserted for 48 hours after the injection.  There are times when the Microchip can move down the legs and chest, but this is fairly rare.

Can you Microchip other pets?

I am afraid not.  I am only licensed and insured to Microchip dogs at this time.

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