Client Agreement (Dog Walking & Pet Sitting)

This contract is made between Sally Cooper T/A Furry Dogmother (the Provider) and the client.
(Terms and Conditions Dog Walking and Pet Sitting)

Contract Information

  1. I (the Client) authorise Sally Cooper T/A Furry Dogmother (the Provider) to provide and perform pet care services as agreed and in signing this contract I understand and accept these terms and conditions.
  2. If the pet(s) becomes ill or is injured while under the care of the Provider, I authorise for my pet(s), to be taken to my registered Veterinarian (or one who is available) if this is needed in the Provider’s best judgement. I authorise the Provider to approve any emergency treatment recommended by the Veterinarian and I agree to pay in full to the Provider any charges incurred. I am responsible for any bills (transportation, treatment and expense) whilst my pet(s) is in the care of the Provider.
  3. I understand it is my responsibility to ensure that adequate pet insurance is in place for my pet(s) and any claims for treatment cannot be made against the insurers of the Provider.
  4. I will provide all my pet(s) food, bowls, water, lead, collar or harness, coat, muzzle, toys and any other items relating to the care of my pet(s) for the duration of the agreed contract of care.
  5. I have given my express consent to allow my dog(s) to be off the lead in open spaces and understand and agree that Sally Cooper T/A Furry Dogmother will not be held responsible for any loss or injury to my pet whilst in her care as a result of being off lead.
  6. Pet care services will be provided for the period and rate agreed and I agree to make payment in full for these services to the Provider in advance by either cash, debit card or bank transfer.
  7. I agree to reimburse the Provider any additional costs incurred in tending to emergency or veterinary care as well as any expenses incurred for any other unexpected home, food or other requirements.
  8. I expressly waive and relinquish any and all claims against Sally Cooper T/A Furry Dogmother (the Provider) and it is understood and agreed that the Provider will not be held responsible for any damage to the client’s property, or that of others, caused by the client’s pet(s) during the period in which they are in her care.
  9. I (the CLIENT) agree to notify the Provider of any illness, injury or behavioural problems pertained to my pet(s) during the time this contract is in place. I understand that the Provider reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time if the nature of the illness, injury or behavioural issue cannot be catered for.
  10. I will ensure that my pet(s) has had any necessary vaccinations and boosters and that regular treatment for fleas and worms is given. I will not hold the Provider responsible for any flea or worm infestations that I notice nor for any illness or diseases that occur.
  11. If I need to cancel any pet services arranged, I understand that I must give at least 24 hours notice otherwise I will be liable for the full cost of the service.
  12. I (the CLIENT) authorise this contract to be valid approval for services provided by Sally Cooper T/A Furry Dogmother (The Provider) and to permit acceptance of my telephone and email reservations and allow her to enter my premises without any additional signed contracts or written authorisations. I give my permission for Sally Cooper T/A Furry Dogmother to contact me via text SMS, phone or email to discuss any bookings of services and understand my details will not be shared to any third parties without my consent.
  13. I (the CLIENT) will either ensure that access is given to the Provider to collect the Dog from the agreed address at the agreed times or give the Provider a key to the place where the Dog is kept. The Provider will use the key to collect and return the Dog and for no other purpose and will keep it safe, not let anyone else have it, not copy it and will return it to the Client on demand.
  14. I (the CLIENT) agrees to authorize the Provider to handle any emergencies that may arise. The Provider will make every effort to contact the client; however the client gives authority to the Provider to act in the dog’s best interest.
  15. I (the CLIENT) give permission for my pet(s) to be photographed occasionally for use on the Provider’s website and Facebook Page and for identification purposes in the event of an emergency.

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