With the busy lifestyles that we all lead, and demands put on our time by our work or business, it can sometimes be our dogs who suffer, as it often means they are left alone for long periods of time. 

Dogs are social pack animals, and require frequent mental and physical stimulation. If they do not get this, they may start to develop a range of behavioural problems, such as chewing or destructive behaviour in your home.  The dog can also become extremely anxious and stressed, which is not enjoyable for either the dog, or its owners.  Even if your dog does not necessarily need a lot of exercise, they still thrive on company of other dogs and people.

Whatever reason you have for not being able to get home to tend to your dog's needs, I am here to help you.  Maybe you just want to treat your family to a day out, or you want to go and see a show which means a late night back home? 

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My Dog Walking Service

I am fully insured with Cliverton Insurance and hold a Canine First Aid Certificate in case anything should happen while your dog is in my care and I am happy to provide a copy of my insurance certificate upon request.  This insurance cover allows me to take a maximum of 6 dogs on a walk together and is in line with the local Council guidelines for Professional Dog Walkers.  All dogs wear a collar tag identifying that they are out with me and these tags have my mobile number and address on in case any dog strays from the group.

If your dog displays signs of aggression towards other dogs, it will be unsuitable to be walked in a group, and you should seek behavioural advice before contacting me.  I do not walk bitches in season or entire males either on these group walks. Before dogs are allowed off-lead I will require written consent from the owner and the dog must have a strong recall command.  For the first couple of walks your dog will kept on a long training line until they know me and are less likely to run off. Small groups consist of my own three Basset Hounds and are available depending on your location and my availability.

Individual/Tailored Walks -  - (Availability Mon-Sun*)

There may be a reason that your dog cannot be walked in a group.  Maybe it needs to be kept on a lead or it is a young puppy or older dog that does not require a full 1 hour walk. In these cases I may be able to tailor-make a walk for them separately depending on my diary availability.  A rough guide to costs below but please contact me to discuss your dogs exact requirements.

Walks can be arranged just a few days ahead of time, can be on set regular days each week, or on an ad-hoc basis depending on my diary availability.

  • 1 dog - 30 minute walk £10
  • 1 dog - 45 minute walk £15
  • Additional dogs from the same household £7 extra per dog
  • An extra charge of £7 per walk charged for weekends and  Bank Holidays

FREE 30 Minute Initial Consultation/Introduction Meeting

For all dog walking requests, I will come and meet you and your dog beforehand for an initial meeting.  This allows me to assess your dog's personality and for your dog, it means I will not be a complete stranger when I turn up to take them out for their first walk. 

Please note that dogs will be walked on a lead and collar provided by the owner unless express consent is given.
Dogs must have a strong recall command and not be aggressive towards other dogs before being let off the lead.

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