All dog grooms include ear cleaning and nail clipping along with a shampoo and blow-dry. 

All short coated breeds will include a de-shedding treatment in the price, which can reduce hair loss around your home by up to 70%.  As each dog like humans are individual and even dogs of the same breed have different coat types and sizing, I prefer not to quote a set price based on breed alone.  The cost of the groom will depend on the size, behaviour, coat-type and condition and how much work is involved.  However my prices start from £20, contact me now for a chat.


For one-off health checks, I offer the following services in your home:-

  • Nails Clipped £8
  • Ear Cleaning £6

For all dog grooms I offer a collection and delivery service included in the price within the Goring & Worthing area, so you can conveniently have your dog collected from either home or work, or maybe even from a dog sitter or kennels.  Please contact me to discuss.

Simply Shower

For those dirty dogs when you do not want all the mess in your own bathroom, let me give your dog a shower and blow-dry.  No health checks just a simple bath and dry off with the hairdryer.  Ideal for those dogs who require very little in the way of grooming but who have tendencies to get mucky! 

  • Bath 'n' blow-dry (45 minute appointment) £18
  • Including free collection & delivery within Worthing Area
  • (Short-haired breeds only up to Labrador size)
  • Discount available for more than 1 dog from the same household

Walk 'n' Wash

Why not kill two birds with one stone? Have your dog go on a nice one hour walk and then afterwards be taken to my grooming room for a bath and blow-dry?  You will return home to hopefully a worn out and sweet-smelling hound.

Ideal in the Winter months especially for those dogs who like to find the muddiest puddles or like to roll in nasty smelly things!

No health checks or styling just a simple dip in the bath and a blow-dry. 

If you would prefer your dog is professionally groomed after a walk I am happy to book this in for you on the same day if time allows.  Please ask me for a price for a full groom which will be added to the cost of a 1 hour group walk (£12). 

  • 1 hour walk + bath 'n' blow-dry £28
  • (Short-haired breeds only)

Cat Grooming Services

  • Nail Clipping £6
  • Ear Cleaning £5

Rabbit/Guinea Pig Grooming Services

  • Nail Clipping £6

My Dog Grooming Service

I aim to provide a relaxed environment for all my grooming clients.  Let's face it, most dogs do not enjoy being groomed, and I will endeavour to relax the dog to make it less stressful for all concerned.

I will never rush grooming a dog and prefer to have one dog at a time in my grooming room (unless from the same household).  For that reason, the minimum time that I allow for my appointments is two  hours per dog. There are clearly some breeds that require more specialist styling and finishing, and these dogs will be given plenty of my dedicated time. 

The products that I use on the dogs are all dedicated dog grooming products and are hypo-allergenic.  I also have specialist shampoos* available for white and dark coloured dogs, and Evening Primrose Oil shampoo for dogs with skin conditions. I am happy to use any specialist veterinary prescribed shampoos at the owners request.

All of my grooming equipment (including the bath and table) is fully cleaned and sterilised between each dog to avoid cross-contamination of conditions or diseases.

If you have any questions or concerns, or wish to discuss your dog's grooming requirements in further detail, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Please also check my Terms and Conditions located on the home page of this website.

Please note that any specialist shampoos requested will incur a small additional charge

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