With the increase in pedigree dogs, sadly there are more and more stories of our beloved pets being stolen from our homes, and from owners while out on walks.  Pet thefts and lost pets have increased by an alarming rate each year in the UK, and rescue centres are full of pets who are unable to be returned due to a lack of identification.

One of the best chances you have of being reunited with your pet is to have them Microchipped.  The Microchip, which is the size of a grain of rice, is inserted via an injection beneath the skin, and is relatively painless.  It is there for life, and all Dog Wardens, Vets, Rescue Centres and Welfare Organisations have the equipment to scan and read the chip, which will reveal its unique identification number.  The owners details are stored on a central database, which means the pet's rightful owner can be identified quickly.

It is now law that all dogs are microchipped and you risk facing a fine if it is discovered you have an unchipped dog.

Protect your pet today.  Get in touch and arrange for me to microchip your dog in the comfort of your home without the neet for you to visit the Vet.

  • Dogs £20
  • Discount available for more than 1 dog from the same household

Remember that if you are planning to take your dog abroad with you, you must have them Microchipped to comply with the regulations of the Pet Travel Scheme outlined by DEFRA.

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