Does your pet need to be taken to the Vets or Kennels and you have no way of getting them there?  Or maybe you are moving house and you need some help transporting your pets to their new home?  I can take care of that for you.

I will collect your pet, or pets, from your home and take them within a 5 mile radius to a location of your choice.  My vehicle is fitted with several different size animal cages, each lined with thick warm Vet Bed, so they will travel safely, securely, and in comfort.  I also have a wooden dog ramp that I can use to assist elderly and infirm dogs in and out of my van without them needing to jump and put strain on their joints.  For cats I used dedicated Cat Baskets secured in the back and make sure these are sprayed with Feliway beforehand to alleviate stress.  I know only too well from having my own cats just how much they hate travelling!

If you would also like me to wait with them at the Vets, I will do this for an additional fee on a 30 minute basis.

  • Charge (within a 5 mile radius of your home in Worthing area) £12
  • Mileage (over a 5 mile radius) charged per extra mile £0.50
  • Extra charge for waiting - each 30 minutes £10

I am also happy to provide one-off services further afield for example; collection and delivery of puppies from breeders or rescue centres.  Prices for this are by arrangement dependent on the total distance and time, please contact me to discuss.

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