Blowing Hot & Cold

Hello everyone, apologies it has been a while since my last blog. As always time has run away from me again and my seemingly quieter start to the year didn't last very long. My diary is now fully booked through March, April, May and the most part of June.

I would always encourage you to rebook your grooming appointments straight away, at least two in advance or like some of my clients, book the whole year so they are in the diary. I cannot guarantee my availability for any ad-hoc appointments. Yes, there are times when things happen, I have the odd cancellation or rearrangement and can squeeze one in but these times are becoming more and more rare. I cannot work anymore hours than I currently am, so I have a finite amount of time to service everyone properly. It is for this reason that unfortunately, I'm having to close my books to new clients, as I'm really struggling (despite working long hours) to properly service my existing clients and fit them all in at the times that suit them. This is purely for new Grooming clients only,  and hopefully only for a  short while. Thank you to each and every one of you for your continued support of my little business, I really do appreciate it and am not in the slightest moaning about being too busy!

 It has certainly been quite a wild time weather-wise. We started the month with snow, had record Summer temperatures and then finished off with wet and windy gales. I feel we are emerging into a new fifth season of the year………..Sprinter a cross-bred season, when it's not quite sure whether it's still Winter or Spring!  Certainly does make for interesting dog walking that's for sure!

So, what have we been up to apart from the usual, well we've been busy looking at arranging our doggie holidays for the year and now have a couple of nice breaks booked for the hopefully warmer months ahead.. These hounds of mine sure are lucky! I'm sure they totally appreciate it though?

I'm not going to Crufts this year sadly. I left it too late to get anything organised as I always like to go up and stay over the night before as it's just a little too far for me to travel there and back in a day. Hey ho, there's always next year! I'll be glued to the telly this weekend though that's for sure!

Talking of this weekend, I'm attending a Doggie First Aid Course as unbelievably it's been 3 years since I last renewed. As I said earlier, I have no idea where the time goes! Seems to be going even quicker, is that a sign of getting old?

We've past the year mark with our Buddy-Love since he had his diagnosis and surgery and I'm very pleased to say that, he is doing really well. Long may it continue! We are still using little milestones but he does at least for the moment, seem to be thriving. Such a trooper that boy is!

As it was Pancake Day as I wrote this, I made up a dog-friendly batter with some banana and blueberries added for the Hounds to enjoy some pancakes with their tea. I had hoped by making them a batch, it would mean they were less interested in mine, but no such luck…….they still expected me to share mine with them – flipping cheek!

Walking is still busy with last month's newbies Finn and Bronte now established into the Tuesday packs. Lucy is however still available for anyone in the Worthing vicinity who has a dog or a family of dogs who for whatever reason, cannot go on group walks. She is also available for cat-feeding or drop-ins so do get in touch if you'd like to book her.

February was the month for teeth! We had quite a few visitors taking up the Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning and had some fabulous results. Remember if you'd like to take advantage, I'm offering sessions at a cost of £25 for a 25-30-minute appointment. If booked with a regular grooming appointment the cost reduces to £20.

I have some work to do on the website and if or when I actually get any time, I will be updating the grooming page to show the teeth cleaning and generally revamping it. However, there is a downloadable leaflet on the website which explains the process of the ultrasonic, just please ignore the pricing as the leaflets were printed when I first started to offer the service and have since changed.

I think that is just about it for now, thank you as always for reading my ramblings and your ongoing support. I for one am happy that we're now hurtling towards lighter mornings and evenings yippee!

Much love Sally xx

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